Replacement for Cherry

Don Cherry is known around the league and Canada for his role on “Coach’s Corner” with Ron MacLean on the CBC network. His brash anti-american, anti-russian, pro-fighting talk often makes him a target for criticism. But say what you will, Don Cherry has become a Canadian icon. Every Saturday night, “Coach’s Corner” is one of the most watched segments of television on the CBC network. However, Don Cherry is now 78 years old. He will not be able to do “Coach’s Corner” forever, and a suitable replacement must be found. I think I have a suggestion. May I introduce to you, BizNasty2point0?

The main man in hockey entertainment; Paul Bissonnette. Known for his hilarious off-ice antics, the Phoenix Coyotes forward has become one of the best known NHL players on the web due to his humorous attitude and his twitter account that was famously shut down for remarks about Ilya Kovalchuk. I won’t do all the talking though; I’ll let him speak for himself and show you why he is the best man to replace Cherry.

Paul Bissonnette possesses that one thing, that ‘je ne sais quoi‘, that all popular television personalities all seem to be blessed with. He is good-humored and clever. He is interesting and entertaining. Bissonnette is even a Canadian boy, born in Welland, Ontario. At only 27 years of age he would be the perfect candidate to replace Don Cherry as the host of “Coach’s Corner”.

Let’s just hope the CBC realizes it has its successor for Don Cherry right under their nose.

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