Awards : The Doug Harvey Award

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I had a lot of fun doing that series about the Olympics. So I figured I should do another series.. but what subject to pick?

The awards! The Norris trophy, the Jack Adams trophy, the Calder trophy.. ect. There are many trophies out there to choose from. So I thought I could give the awards to who I thought should win. I’ll kick off the series by doing the Doug Harvey award for the best defenseman in the league.

The three Norris trophy contenders this year are Erik Karlsson, Zdeno Chara and Shea Weber. I agree with these picks, but I believe one defenseman has proven himself to by a head above the rest.

And the Doug Harvey award goes to.. Shea Weber

Standing at 6’4 and weighing in at 234, Shea Weber is a big fellow. His shot is even bigger, clocking in at over 106 mph. That is over 170 kilometers per hour. Imagine yourself driving down the highway, and all of the sudden you are overtaken by a black piece of rubber going nearly twice as fast as you. That is the speed of Shea Weber’s shot. It’s no wonder goalies cringe when they face his shot.

But other than his shot, what does he have going for him? Well, he tied for first among D-men in goals with 19 while playing 26:09 minutes a night against the opponent’s best players. Despite playing against the best lines in the NHL, he finished as a plus 21, leading his team. He also led the Preds in hits with 177 and finished third among his teammates in blocked shots, with 140. An all out machine, he plays with an edge reminiscent of Scott Stevens and isn’t afraid to mix it up.

Matt Carkner had to stand up for Norris nominee Erik Karlsson in the first round of the 2012 NHL playoffs because Karlsson was being bullied. There is no bullying Weber, unless you want a concussion.

The captain of the Nashville Predators is my Doug Harvey winner this year. Even if this award does not mean anything; the numerous Norris trophies that will soon be overflowing on his mantle will.

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