The King is a Rock Star Extraordinaire

Classy. Stylish. Confident.. Rock star?

These are all words to that can be used to describe New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. The first three are easy to relate to.. but rock star?

Believe it or not, Lundqvist does things other than stopping a ridiculous amount of rubber and rocking stylish designer suits in his spare time. He plays guitar. In a band. With another New York sports star.

Lundqvist is part of a band called “The Noise Upstairs“. Along with tennis icon John McEnroe, the group comprises of drummer Jay Weinberg (son of Max Weinberg, longtime drummer for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band), vocalist Tarah Healy, back-up vocalist John Healy and bassist Jake Siberon. Intrigued? It gets better.

Lundqvist even plays live; he teamed up with his band to play a benefit concert in February. They played at The Canal Room (a music venue in the TriBeCa neighborhood of Manhattan, NYC) on February 22nd.  Ticket sales and funds raised by auction benefited The Garden of Dreams Foundation and scholarships for John McEnroe’s Tennis Academy.

Lundqvist played at the opening of Sean Avery’s sports bar in New York, Warren 77 as well.

Fans of the Ranger may also remember a scene in the HNO 24/7 that featured Lundqvist jamming during a studio session with his band.

Puckstopper by day, rock star by night. Playing hockey in one of the biggest cities in the word obviously affords options to players who want do other than just play hockey. One thing is for certain: Henrik Lundqvist really is the King; the King of rock ‘n roll.

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