Hiatus/Go Canada

Okay, I would like to start this article off with an apology. I apologize for halting my release of posts. Before my unforced hiatus I was posting at least an article a day, sometimes two. But I have now gone 5 days without releasing any new material, and for this I feel a great deal of regret.

My lack of posts can be traced directly to my loss of interest in the 2012 NHL playoffs. Because of the way the NHL runs their business, the first and second rounds are more exciting than the 3rd and 4th rounds. Would you rather watch Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh or Phoenix vs. Nashville?

The teams that have experienced success this post season is another great source of frustration for me. Los Angeles and Phoenix will clash in the Western Conference Finals. One of those two teams will win the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl for being the Western Conference Champion. If you had told me that the Kings and Coyotes would be the best in the West in 2012 last year, I would probably have laughed right in your face. Sure, parity is great, but it adds to the first round match ups and takes away from the later rounds.

As a hockey fan in Ontario I am not willing to stay up until 10 o’clock to watch two teams that I don’t particularly like. The hockey that is being played by these two teams is not the hard hitting, offensive game that the playoffs are known for. Rather, the two teams both play a defensive game in front of excellent goaltenders. This equation works out to less goals scored overall and less fun had overall by the spectators.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not belittling or detracting the success that Phoenix or Los Angeles has had. Good on them. But if upsets me that Gary Bettman still refuses to move more teams to Canada. Sure we have Winnipeg now, but look at the success they’re having. Make it 8. Make it 9! An article from the Canadian press suggests that Canada could support 9 NHL teams. Give Canadians a chance and give us more hockey, more of the time.

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